Basic Information

Where are you located?

We are in downtown Springfield, Missouri on East St Louis St. Our complex is less than one mile away from all of the major college campuses, such as Missouri State University and Drury University. We are also surrounded by the downtown community where there are coffee shops, restaurants, and entertainment all just steps away.

What are your office hours?

Our leasing office and management offices are open six days a week, Monday – Saturday. We are open from 10am-6pm M-F, and from 11am-5pm on Saturday. Our security team is available and monitoring our building 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is The 505 Leasing for the 24-25 School Year?

Yes! Like most student living complexes, we begin leasing for the upcoming school year in September. We continue leasing until we are at full capacity for that year!

Does The 505 currently have availability?

Yes! Our availability is limited, but we do have spots open for immediate move in. Call (417) 771-9547 to find out our current availability, or apply here.

Has The 505 started leasing for Fall 2024?

Yes! Our prelease for 2024 began in October.

What is The BearLine?

The BearLine is Missouri State University’s shuttle service. They stop by our student living apartment complex every 15 minutes to ensure that MSU students have a ride to class.

Leasing Terms

How long is my lease?

Our leases are 12 months long. They begin in August and end in July. If you sign your lease during the middle of our leasing term, your lease will end in July unless you renew.

What if I need to end my lease early?

In the unfortunate event that you need to end your lease early you are able to reassign your apartment to another person. You will be responsible for finding your own reassignment and will need to let us know. Your reassignment will need to fill out an application and pass our screening process, and a $500 reassignment fee will be applied to your account.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a co-signer for your lease.

Why do I need a guarantor?

Students often do not have a long enough history of credit or sufficient income to qualify alone. A guarantor allows the student to qualify based on their credit history and income.

What does passing with conditions mean?

Passing with conditions means that you passed your background check, but may need a guarantor or prepay rent to qualify.

How to I qualify without a guarantor?

If you are not able to qualify to sign by yourself and aren’t able to have a guarantor, you can prepay two months of rent to qualify. These prepaid months can be used as your first and last month’s rent.

Do you prorate rent?

Our rates are based on a total amount that is divided into 12 equal installments for ease. Because of this, rent is not prorated.

Can I lease an entire apartment?

Yes, though our rates are per room. If you are interested in signing a lease for an entire apartment you would have to pay the rate for each room.

Can two people share a room?

We only allow dual occupancy in our studio apartments. This does come with an additional fee and will need to be communicated with your leasing agent. All of our other floorplans only allow one person per room.

Application Process

How do I apply to your student living apartment complex?

You can apply to live at The 505 here.

How do I book a tour at you apartment complex?

You can book a tour at The 505 by messaging us on our Instagram, or you can call/text (417)771-9547. We also have virtual tours available here, and offer video tours as well.

What if I'm not able to come in person to tour?

If you are wanting to tour our property before you sign and can’t make it in person, we offer video tours! Call or text (417)771-9547 to schedule a video tour. We also have virtual tours available here.

What fees are involved in the application process?

We have a $45 fee per application for processing.

Will I get my deposit back?

Yes! We require a deposit to be paid at signing. You will receive your deposit back if there is no major damage done to your apartment when you move out. If your apartment passes our move-out inspection you should receive your deposit back within 30 days of your move-out date.

What is an admin fee?

We have a $350 admin fee due at signing that is for processing all of your resident information. This also ensures that you have reserved your spot with us at The 505.

How do I add a guarantor to my application?

If it is decided that you will need a guarantor in order to qualify, our leasing team will contact you to get their information. Then, we will send them an email with their application.

Moving In

When is my move-in date?

Our move-in date for the 2024 leasing year is August 16th. If you are signing for immediate move-in your move-in date will be communicated with you through one of our leasing associates.

What do I need in order to move-in?

Before you move in you will need to have your renter’s insurance, all fees paid (admin, deposit, application) along with your first month’s rent. If your qualification was contingent on prepaying two months’ rent, that will need to be paid as well. You will also need to bring a government issued ID.

What time do I move in?

You will receive an email with your specified move-in time closer to our move-in date.

What will I receive at move-in?

You will receive your key fob, bedroom key, WIFI password, room number, a map of the building, a move-in checklist, and our community guidelines and policies when you move in.

How do I qualify for "fast pass"

For a seamless move-in experience, we recommend that you get “fast pass” ready. You will qualify for “fast pass” if you have your deposit paid, renter’s insurance, first month’s rent installment paid, and your vehicle registered (if getting a parking spot).

Where do I go to move-in?

Our check-in spot will be located on Denton ave. If you do not have everything ready for move-in, your check-in will be located at the front desk in our lobby.

What do I do with my boxes at move-in?

When you are done with your boxes, please break them down and place them in the corner of our trash room. There is a trash room located on each floor, and its location will be specified on the map you receive at move-in. Please, do not put large cardboard boxes down the trash schutte.

What's Included

Are your rooms furnished?

Yes! All of our bedrooms are fully furnished. While the quantity of certain things vary depending on your floor plan, each room comes with a couch, cushioned chair, kitchen island, an ottoman, a Smart TV, and an entertainment center.

What furniture comes with my bedroom?

Each bedroom comes with a mattress, a mattress cover, bed frame, a desk, a chair, and an in-suite bathroom.

Are my utilities included?

Yes! Each person is allotted a $40 allowance for their utilities each month.

Does each room get their own thermostat?

No. There is only one thermostat per unit.

Do I need to provide my own WIFI?

Nope! Your lease at The 505 includes high speed internet access.

What amenities are offered at The 505?

We have the newest, most luxury amenities at our student living complex. They include a yoga studio, half-court basketball, pickleball court, heated pool, 24 hour gym, three dog parks, an ATM, a rec room, and multi-level study lounges with private study pods and a printer.

Roommate Matching

How do I find a roommate?

Once you sign your lease you will be sent a link to a roommate matching app called RoomSync! This will allow you to create a profile and add your preferences. Then, you will be able to find and chat with other residents alike! When you find a good roommate, send them a match request, it will pend management approval, and then you guys will live happily ever after.

What is RoomSync?

The 505 is the first student living apartment complex in Springfield, Mo to use RoomSync, a roommate matching app. You can visit their website, here.

What if I already know who I want to room with?

Perfect! All of you will be able to match with each other on RoomSync. Make sure to let your leasing agent know as well and we will make that happen for you.

What if I don't like my roommate?

For any conflicts involving your roommate situation, please contact our management office at (417)771-9547.


Where can I park?

We have multiple parking options at The 505. We have a secure underground parking garage, as well as a surface lot that is gated.

Do I get my own parking spot?

Yes! If you choose to opt into parking, you will receive your own parking spot that is reserved JUST for you.

What do I do if someone is in my parking spot?

In the rare case that another person if using your parking spot, call our 24 hour security team, Task9, at (417)988-0100.

Where do I put my parking tag?

You will place your parking tag in the left corner of your windshield.

Is your parking secure?

Yes. Our garage parking is only accesible if you have proper tags on your car and is equpipped with several security cameras. Our surface lot requires propper tags for gate entry as well, and is also under 24 hour survailence.

How do I register my vehicle?

You can register your vehicle through your resident portal.

How much is parking?

For our secure underground parking lot, it is $100/month, and for our gated surface lot it is $45/month.


What security measures are taken at The 505?

The safety of our students is our number one priority at The 505. Our student living apartment complex has over 90 security cameras and is under 24 hour surveillance. We require key fobs at every access point and have 24 hour security along with a Springfield Police Officer living on site. After 10pm, we have a security guard stationed at our front desk to ensure extra safety for our students.

How do I contact security?

You can contact our security team, Task9, at (417)988-0100.

What can security help me with?

Besides ensuring your safety, the security team can help you get into your apartment when your locked out, help remove a vehicle from your parking spot, and promptly come to your aid if you ever feel unsafe in a situation.

Why am I asked for my ID at night?

After 10pm we have a security officer stationed at our front desk. This is to ensure that tenants are the only people coming in to The 505. Guests of the tenants are allowed in if they are accompanied by a resident. It is just an extra measure to ensure your safety.